Prairie Max Warm and Cool Floor Systems

PRAIRIE MAX Warm and Cool Floor Systems

New to Canada “Prairie Max” an exciting innovative European designed product like nothing you have seen before with more than 3 x the heat output of current in-floor systems!

  • Low weight and thickness
  • Very quick and easy to install
  • Fast heating-up time
  • Excellent controllability due to fast response
  • Heating and cooling for floors, ceilings, even walls
  • Thinner screed if finishing with concrete – less material used and a quicker drying time
  • Various options for finishes
  • Endless application possibilities
  • Numerous mix and match combinations with various heating and cooling technologies

A qualified installation team is available for your project if required. Hydronics plans can also be provided. Very simple, really fast, limited tools required, lightweight, boxed in manageable packs of easy to work with sized sheets.

Prairie Max Warm and Cool Floor System
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Floor Systems

A 20mm profile height double sheeted profiled base and top sheet that have been connected to each other by means of pneumo hydraulic TOX-joining and shifted slightly, forming a half-lapped joint ensuring a stable overlap. Can be integrated with water-fed or electric under floor heating/cooling components and with other supply pipes around the perimeter of the floor and crossing of heating pipes where applicable. It can be completed with simple plywood sheeting for commercial/industrial applications or with a variety of finishes if desired.

Due to the thin floor construction above the pipe work and the heat conductivity of the supporting elements of the Prairie Max under floor heating system, a very fast heating-up time with is obtained. A heat capacity between 60 and 100 W/m2 is achieved depending on the building situation.

Same quality of product but thinner – a 10mm profile height (15mm minimum finished height with poured screed). Unlike the FS20 system the maximum pipe size is more limited. Ideal for renovations and retro-fit projects in residential buildings. No more breaking up basement floors to provide an in-floor system. Less concrete, multiple finishes, self-levelling, non-flammable, fireproof, high permissible load, sound insulating (an acoustic panel is available, which increases the installation height to only 24mm)

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For under floor heating there are numerous energy sources currently on the market that will work well to provide heating. These can be utilized in different combinations dependent on the individual situation and requirements of the project. e.g. Solar panel combined with a low voltage plug-in type hot water tank; high efficiency boiler; self-regulating electric cable; to name just a few.

green ambient solutions inc.
green ambient solutions inc.


The only radiant system that can truly work in reverse to provide cooling with the same quiet efficiency. We have had developed a compact, energy-efficient cooling system to work in tandem with the heating components as a viable alternative to an air-conditioning unit. The CSA approved chiller unit is manufactured in B.C. and uses only 6 amps/115v of power. Larger units are also available, depending on individual requirements.

Some advantages over air conditioners:

  • Uses less energy and less refrigerant
  • Saves space, no ducting
  • Less moving parts/less maintenance
  • Unit can be placed out of sight
  • About as noisy as a refrigerator – no window shakers!
  • No by-law issues on decibel levels or siting/boundary issues

More unusual applications could be:

  • Custom wine cellars
  • Sea containers
  • Cool storage
  • Cabins, boats etc

“We are very pleased with the efficiency of our ‘PRAIRIE MAX” flooring system. It was a pleasant surprise when we needed to turn DOWN our hot water tank because the system was working so well!!!!! I could not imagine a basement without this system now that we have experienced it.”