European Heating Systems

Gone are the days of old-fashioned baseboard heaters that we all remember from Granny’s house. They looked awful and didn’t give off any heat and you still had to throw another blanket on the bed.

European style radiators offer a sleek and modern design coupled with excellent BtU output and are compatible with most high efficiency boilers. Not everyone likes or wants forced air. Noise, allergens, dust are just some of the reasons discerning clients are turning to alternative products. Combine energy efficiency with a fast and affordable solution that will look fantastic.  Lots of different styles and colours are available, from curved chrome towel rails to bright red cast iron radiators, there is masses of choice.  From a one off item to a full basement upgrade, they offer a cosy, heated environment that you and your family will enjoy from day one.

As an added advantage, radiator systems have to meet way fewer building code requirements.

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