Cochrane Furnace Repair and Plumbing. Reliable heating and cooling system service since 1973. Heating and cooling your home doesn’t have to cost the earth!

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Furnace Repair and Plumbing in Cochrane


Furnace Repair and Plumbing in Cochrane

Prairie Max Warm and Cool Floor System

Furnace Repair and Plumbing in Cochrane

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Furnace Repair and Plumbing in Cochrane

European Heating Systems

Furnace Repair and Plumbing in Cochrane

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We’ve got the tools

Furnaces, Boilers, Air Conditioning, Hydronics and Energy Efficient Technology Installation Repair and Service

Certified Experience

Certified Journeyman Gasfitter, Provincial Contractor, Calgary & Cochrane Business Licences, Bonded & Insured. Cochrane Chamber of Commerce member.

Competitive Pricing

All throughout the Cochrane and Calgary areas. We are also happy to quote for our neighbours in Western Canada, particularly with our specialized warm and cool floor system or other bespoke needs.

Greener Solutions

Whenever there is a chance to give customers the opportunity to use a ‘greener’ solution then Mick is on hand to advise. If you have a specific project in mind please contact him to discuss your requirements.

27 Years Experience

With nearly 30 years’ experience from both Europe and Canada, we understand and can provide a proactive approach across a broad spectrum of ideas and innovations in the heating and cooling industry.

Great Support

Green Ambient Solutions Inc. can provide expertise in all stages of a project from design and installation to service, testing, troubleshooting/problem solving and repair of existing equipment in your Residential or Light Commercial property.

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